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01 - 2019 Healthcare Help Membership Membership gains FREE access to Healthcare Help Resource Policy & Management Systems. Resources are sent on CD ROM or Flash Drive. Includes Quality Plan, Strategic Plan Template, Business Risk management Plan plus Resource Policy & Procedure guided by Health & Disability Sector Standards. $350.00 Buy now
02 - BENCHMARKING Prepared Report Prepared Report from Benchmarking in WORD. Compare your incident reports to the average of everyone else. This is a comprehensive, customisable valuable guide to Service Review Meetings. $150.00 Buy now
03 - RED Folder Dividers Beautifully Presented: A4 sized Card Dividers for counting Accidents & Incidents in a well-organised RED Folder.Optimises Incident Analysis. Includes GST & Postage in NZ. $35.00 Buy now
04 - Duplex Pad Infections Infection Report Pad with pink copy under each page. 100 pages. Includes GST & postage in NZ $20.00 Buy now
05 - Accident Register Accident Register for recording Staff Injuries & Resident Serious Harm Injuries. Documents Personal Details, body part & nature of injury etc. Includes GST & postage in NZ $40.00 Buy now
06 - Accident Incident Policy in WORD Policy from our larger Health & Safety Policy robust to ACC Work Safe Management Practices Discount audit. Describes Incident Management & Forms to use. $25.00 Buy now
07 - Quality Review of Infection Control Template in WORD that looks at the same items the Infection Control Standard reviews at audit. Suitable for annual review of an Infection Control Program $35.00 Buy now
2019 Quality Plan Comprehensive robust Quality Plan in WORD containing essential elements for the management of a health service. You are able to fully customise to your own service. Also describes policy essentials. 75% member discount applies. Usually $100 $25.00 Buy now
2019 Significant Hazard Register This is a Significant Hazard Register & Induction Tool. Pictorial register of Hazards that Rest Home Workers might face in client Homes. Includes guide to keep people safe. May be personalised with Name & Type of Service. $45.00 Buy now
ACC Levy Discount - Step by Step BUSINESS EFFICIENCY: Checklist for each of the areas requested at the FREE ACC Audit. Help for those wanting 10%, 15% or 20% discount on their employee levies. Free Download
Emergency Planning Basic Policy in WORD 2014 Emergency Planning Policy in WORD. Likely situations that can disrupt your service & sensible planning for each. Includes Civil Defense Evacuation Situations & closing doors during outbreak. $99 to non members $25.00 Buy now
Exercises with Lena & The Pocket Ergonomist Picures of easy stretches for staff PLUS [FREE] Brown & Mitchell's brilliant Pocket Ergonomist. Combined in one easy to download PDF file. View here. Download to print[below]. Free Download
Managing Challenging Behaviour Comprehensive Policy - may be used as trainers resource Easy to read. Able to be customised. Non members: $99 $25.00 Buy now
Staff Individual Induction Training Workbook x 10 Induction Work Book covering essential Health & Safety Induction: Gives practice filling out incident forms. Has comprehensive checklist useful for a health service / rest home. Aids managers meeting legal responsibility when hiring new staff. Includes Postage. $105.00 Buy now
Staff Individual Medicine Training Program Workbooks to test competency of staff giving our medications. Workbook goes with the FREE online training programs below. Includes Safe Administration, Understanding Diabetes and Controlled Drugs. Price is for 10 Workbooks and includes postage. $105.00 Buy now
Training Module 3: Safe Prescribing FREE Online Learning Program. Know when to question an order. Describes the rules about prescribing. Includes rules about telephone orders. Please note this is the SAFE download of a PROGRAM. Use the Esc tab to exit. Free Download
Training Module 4: Safe Medication Administration FREE Online Learning Program: Step by step instruction on Safe Medication Administration. Please note this is the SAFE download of a PROGRAM. Use the Esc tab to exit. Extras:information on where errors are most commonly made, therapeutic dose & sustained release medications. Free Download
Training Module 5: Understanding Diabetes FREE Safe Download. Online Learning Program for basic administration of tablets. Correct answers allow progress through the program. Wrong answers send you to further learning in the program. Completion infers understanding. Free Download
Training Module 6: Controlled Drug Awareness FREE Safe download. Use the Esc tab to exit. This Module looks at the serious consequences of error with Controlled Drugs and helps minimise these. It also guides RN's & Managers running a Safe Program. Free Download